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  • First thanks for the trusting us with your sleep studies. Now, after you’ve made an appointment with the center, you should have your personal physician forward basic information about your medical history as well as any information about your sleep problem.
    • Having this information available may save you time and expense.
  • Download our forms by clicking the download button on the orange homepage square to the right.
    • If the forms can’t be filled out in advance, you will be asked to arrive one hour before your appointment.
  • On the first visit, we will have you set up for your sleep study or the diagnostic exam prescribed.
    • To complete the full diagnostic evaluation, you may need to come to the center more than once.
  • After you are set up then you will be escorted to one of our very quiet and comfortable rooms.
    • Each of our rooms has sophisticated equipment for monitoring your sleep patterns, breathing, heart activity and body movement throughout the night.
  • Following the tests, all treatment decisions and recommendations will be thoroughly discussed with you within the next few days.

Before any testing, you should review with our business office the total cost involved. Insurance companies have different reimbursement policies. Our experience is they generally reimburse for needed sleep studies.

Vising our sleep center is the first step to help turn your life around. Many studies have shown that sleep disorders intensify high blood pressure, asthma, weight gain, diabetes, and even cancer. The key to treatment success may include medications, a change in daily habits or working hours, weight loss, the use of a special breathing machine at night (nasal CPAP), or even one of several types of surgery.

  • Insurance Card
  • Copy of Drivers License/Photo ID
  • A list of current prescriptions or over-the-counter medications you are taking
  • Your co-pay/deductible (if applicable)
  • New Patient Forms Completed
  • Comfortable PJ’s
  • Positive Attitude